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Award Scheme
Award Scheme Flowchart DOE Conversion GWSR Venturer Achievement Chart
QSA - Assessment of Technical Standards QSA - Policy Handbook V1 Form
Venturer Award Progress Poster
Venturer Award Scheme Venturing Skills Award
VS - Award Scheme Considerations
VA Environment Requirements Australian Scout Environment Charter Environment Theme Ideas
Info - Recycling Info - Litter/Pollution
Bottle Biology Cigarette Butts Fact Sheet Climate Change and the Coastline
Composting Fact Sheet Easy Composting Guide Easy Worm Farming Guide
4 Ways to Cut Waste Glass Recycling Say NO to Plastic Bags
World Scout Environment Badge WSEB - Life of a River WSEB -Creatures Conference
WSEB - My Carbon Footprint WSEB - Quick Energy Debate WSEB - A Natural Disaster Story
Event Planning
Event Planning - A Step by Step Guide
Planning an Event Form
E1 Template Unit Guide to Using E1 Forms LSG29 - Activity Forms
Boy Scout Trail - Games Scouting Resources UK - Games Games File - Boy Scouts of America
The MacScouter's Big Book of Games - V2 Games and Challenges Compass Games
Team Challenges
Hike Planning
A Guide to Expedition Planning Hike Planning - A Step by Step Guide Hike Planner Form
Developing a Route Plan Route Planner Adventurous Activities Checklist
Bushwalking Log Template Risk Management Plan - Template Sample Risk Management Plan - Bushwalk
Expedition Training Checklist Expedition Training Manual Guide to Expedition Log
A Guide to Better Bushwalking NSW Police - Local Area Commands NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Bureau of Meterology NSW Rural Fire Service An Introduction to Using a Garmin GPS
Hike Planning - Workshop Presented by Brian Roberts 17/10/2012
How To - Venturers Nav Data Sheet Trip Intention Form
Bushwalk Camp Sites Backpack Carry Weight The Day Pack
Equipment-Cloth Weights-Food Menu
Concept Map Walk Map - Marramarra NP Journey- Marramarra NP
NDS - Marramarra NP

The Confederation of Bushwalking Clubs NSW Inc - has info on equipment and food
What is a Scouts Own Scouts Own Resources The Scoutmasters Minutes
Sample Scouts Own - 1 Sample Scouts Own - 2
Scout Promise and Law Scouting for Boys - Scout Law
Unit Council 
Agenda Template Unit Council Review Sheet
Unit Chair
Role - Unit Chair
Unit Secretary/Programming
Role - Secretary/Programming Term Program Template Weekly Program Template
Long Term Plan Template Long Term Planner Template Goal Setting Worksheet

Unit Treasurer/Fundraising
Role - Treasurer/Fundraising Venturer Section Funds Policy - Nov 2013
Unit Fundraising Policy Venturer Funds Release Form - 2014
Packing List - General BBQ
Unit Membership Liaison
Role - Membership/Scout Liaison
Try Venturing - Record Book Page
Unit Quartermaster/Adventerous Activities
Role - Quartermaster/Adventerous Act
Inventory List - Mar 2016 Topographical Maps List - 2014
Unit Box Contents - June 2013 Utensils Boxes - List of Contents
Weekly Programs
Card Night Disabilities Disabilities Awareness
Fire/Fuel Cook Program Fire Lighting Challenge Fire Master Quiz
Soda Can Stove The Great Navigation Challenge Mystery Dinner
The 5 P's Programming Night Programming Night - Bushwalking Programming Night - Citizenship
Programming Night - Environment Programming Night - First Aid Programming Night - Evaluation
Safety and Survival Theatre Sports Night Tourist Night
Venturer Skills World Chocolate Day
Youth Organisations Program
NSW Desirable Standards - 2012 Venturer Beret Order Form - 2012 Venturer Scout Section Administration

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