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(Boys and girls aged 11 to 14 years

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Comp Camp
Sun 24 Mar Day Hike
See CareMonkey E1
6-7 Apr Grizzly's Challenge Camp
Must have minimum Pioneer level. Limited Vacancies
Paper E1
11 Apr Patrol Activity (TBC) - Away from Hall
27-28 Apr Caving Proficiency Badge Course - Limited Vacancies
Registration at GWSR Events
10 Apr/$38 GWSR Activities
We use CareMonkey to generate online E1 forms.  No more filling out paper E1s - just accept or decline the invitation.
For information on Scouts, or any of the activities listed above contact our Scout Leader
About Scouts
Scout Troop meetings are from 7.00 - 9.00pm Thursday nights at the 1st Ermington Scout Hall and there are a large number of weekend activities to choose from including hiking, camping, canoeing, abseiling and caving.

The fun and learning by doing are important, as the Scouts are trained to safely participate in adventurous activities. There is an award scheme appropriate to age and ability to improve the skills of the Scouts and encourage them to extend themselves.

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