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Parramatta Wandarrah Joey Resources

Although we are currently unable to provide Scouting through face to face meetings, we have developed some Joeys at Home programs and resources. We plan to update this regularly, with new programs over the coming weeks. See also Scouts NSW for more program suggestions. Thanks to Carlingford and Ermington Joeys for sharing these resources.
Joeys at Home P = Program R = Resource for Program
P5 - ANZAC Program R5 - Anzac Fortune Teller R5 - Anzac Fortune Teller Answers
R5 - Colouring - Simpson and His Donkey R5 - Craft - Make a Paper Poppy R5 - First Aid - Principles of Control
R5 - Maze - Simpson and His Donkey R5 - Story - Saving Private Sarbi
P4 - Easter Program P16 - Engineering with Lego Program
P8 - Experiments - Air Pressure Program P12 - Experiments - Acid & Alkali Program P14 - Experiments - In the Kitchen 
P1 -  Health and Hygiene Program R1 - Clean Hands vs. Dirty Hands R1 - Craft - Handwashing and Germs
R1 - Glittery Germy Hands R1 - Hand Wash Poster R1 - Make Germs Scatter
R1 - Under the Microscope R1 - Washinng My Hands Colouring
P6 - Light and Dark Program R6 - Morse Code Activity R6 - International Morse Code
R6 - Hand Shadow Puppets R6 - Shadow Puppets R6 - Animal Shadow Puppets
R6 - Shadow Play Designs R6 - Animal Lanterns R6 - Make a Mini Planetarium
R6 - Constellation Cards R6 - Easy Paper Spinners R6 - Paper Spinner - Blank Template
R6 - Paper Spinner - Colour Template R6 - STEM - Rainbow Science R6 - STEM - Refraction - Optical Illusions
R6 - Story - Colours R6 - Colouring - On the Light Side
P7 - Minute to Win It Program R7 - Minute to Win It Score Sheet
P9 - Mother's Day Program R9 - Booklet - My Mum R9 - Craft - Tissue Paper Flowers
R9 - M & M Game R9 - Coupon Book R9 - Story
R9 - Colouring - Happy Mother's Day P10 - Mother's Day - Pamper Night
P11 - Nature Play Program
R11 - Bug Hotel R11 - Do One Simple Thing
R11 - Nature Scavenger Hunt  R11 - Sensory Nature Scavenger Hunt R11 - Craft - Creating With Flowers
R11 - Trail Signs R11 - Story - The Gift of Trees R11 - I Spy Nature
P2 -  Plants Program R2 -  Whirly Bird Template
P13 - Living the Scout Law Program R13 - Scout Law for Joey Scouts R13 - Kindness for Kids
R13 - All About Me R13 - Roll a 7 Second Challenge Game R13 - Spaghetti Marshmallow Challenge
R13 - Story - The Arguing Fingers R13 - Colouring - Scout Promise
P17 - Our World Matters Program R17 - Corroboree Origami Frog R17 - Frog ID Sheet - Australian Museum
R17 - Help Our World Challenge R17 - Craft - The Earth is in my Hands R17 - The Earth is in my Hands Template
R17 - How Big is your Carbon Footprint R17 - Game - Our Carbon Footprint R17 - Bottled Compost
R17 - Waste Worksheet R17 - The 3 Rs Poster R17 - Story - What Can I Do
R17 - Colouring - Eco Dude
P15 - I Spy Program R15 - Secret Agent ID Badge R15 - Braille Alphabet Worksheet
R15 - Braille Alphabet R15 - Pig Pen Cipher Worksheet R15 - Star Wars Decoding Sheet
R15 - Write Your Own Secret Code R15 - Disguises R15 - Fingerprints
R15 - Invisible Ink R15 - Minefield Grid R15 - Colouring - Secret Agent
R15 - Worksheet - Spy Gear
P3 - Wish You Were Here Program
Thanks to Carlingford and Ermington Mobs for sharing their programs and resources. If you have a program that you would like us to add send an email to
Introduction to Scouting
Game - Scouting Trivia Sheet
Game - Scouting Trivia Answers Game - World Scouting
Plan Do Review Fact Sheet
Program - Baden Powell Program - Baden Powell's Birthday 1 Program - Baden Powell's Birthday 2
Program - BP - Founders's Day Program - BP Night
Program Ideas - BP
Scout Method Table Scout Method Flash Cards
SPICES Fact Sheet SPICES I Statements SPICES Review Tool
Story - History of Scouting Interactive
Plan Do Review Cards
Build a Terrarium Build a Rope Bridge Campfire
Campfire Cooking Community Scavenger Hunt Day Hike
Disability Awareness Fundraising Activity Indoor Rockclimbing
International Night Joint Night Messengers of Peace
Night Hike Obstacle Course Sleepover
Standing Camp Theatre Sports Unit Council
Introduction to the Joey Scout Section
Game - How Scouting and Joeys Began Internal Compass
Program - Help Other People Program - My Community & World Program - My Spiritual Beliefs
Program - Promises and Happiness Program - Promise and Law Program - Random Acts of Kindness
Promise and Law Poster Promise and Law Discussion Guide Promise and Law Programming Guide
Outdoor Adventure Skills - Bushcraft
Program - Bushcraft 
Resource - Notes - Ropes
Resource - Knot Cards
Outdoor Adventure Skills - Bushwalking
Game - Bush Safety/Dice Game
Game - Compass Bingo
Program - Bushwalking Skills Program - Helping Others/First Aid Program - Scouting Stuff 2 (First Aid)
Program - Hiking Skills 1
Program - Hiking Skills 2
Program - Scouting Stuff 1 (Trails)
Resource - Notes - Compass Resource - Notes - Maps and Hiking
Resource - Basic Compass Worksheet Resource - Better Bushwalking
Resource - Know Your Compass
Resource - Location on a Grid  Resource - Using a Compass
Konara 17 Walk Trek About Program Ideas
Tracks and Trails - Walks
Baulkham Hills Heritage Trail Bidjigal Reserve
Cumberland State Forest The Charles Darwin Walk
Fagan Park Field of Mars Walking Trails Map Fred Caterson Reserve
Hunts Creek Reserve - Carlingford Track Hunts Creek Reserve Booklet Hornsby Tracks
Ku-Ring-Gai Wildflower Garden Lake Parramatta Walk Parramatta
Pioneer Track Terry's Creek - Epping West Pennant Hills Track
Outdoor Adventure Skills - Camping
Program - Camping Program - Prepare for Mob Holiday
Mob Holiday Checklist Site Inspection Checklist Scout Graces
Outdoor Adventure Skills - Cycling
Bicycle Games and Challenges Game - Bike & Road Safety Sheet
Game - Bike & Road Safety Answers
Program - Bike Day
Resource - ABC Quick Check Resource - Bicycle Parts & Maintenance Resource - Bike Licence
Resource - Wear a Helmet
Tracks and Rides - Bikes
Bike Safari - Sydney Olympic Park Cycling in Castle Hill & Kellyville Cycling Guide to Parramatta
Outdoor Adventure Skills - Paddling
Program - Canoe Skills Base
Program - Water Safety
Game - Canoe Journey Memory Game Game - Find Your Buddy Game - Gone Fishin'
Game - Parts of the Canoe Cards
Resource - Boat Float STEM Challenge Resource - GWS Boating Info Handout Resource - Fit a Life Jacket
Special Interest Areas - Adventure & Sport
Special Interest Areas - Arts & Literature
Performing Arts for Joey Scouts
Program - Aladdin Program - Drama Night
Program - Gang Show Visit - Drama Program - Hero 6
Program - Hopwarts Magic School
Program - Possum Magic 1 Program - Possum Magic 2
Program - Rainbow Fish Program - Ratatouille
Program - Rat in a Stripy Sock Program - Scouts in Action - Creativity Program - Wombat Stew
Special Interest Areas - Creating a Better World
Special Interest Areas - Environment
Environment Games - Konara 2017 Environment Theme Games Game - Endangered Animals Charades
Environment Ideas - Wandarrah 2015 Eco Warrior Activities
Program - Clean Up Australia Program - Clean Up Carlingford Program - Kangaroos
Program - Koalas Program - The Lorax Program - Plants 1
Program - Plants 2 Program - Recycling 1 Program - Recycling 2
Program - Threatened Species  Program - Water Cycle
Sense Stories - Nature
Special Interest Areas - Growth & Development
Harmony Day - Best Part of an M&M

Program - Cooking Program - Teeth
Special Interest Areas - STEM & Innovation
Science Night Games
Engineering Challenge
Program - Astronomy Program - Blood & Guts Program - Bubbles
Program - Engineering Program - Froth and Bubbles

Program - Let's Fly Program - Light
Program - Magnets Program - Mad Scientist Night Program - Scientists_Mixtures
Program - Senses Gone Wild Program - Space 1 Program - Space 2
Science Experiments
Senses Base Senses Night Ideas
Thaumatrope Thaumatrope - Pokemon
A Guide to Codes and Cipher Technology
Additional Awards
Messengers of Peace World Scout Environment Badge
Program TSOH - Anzac Heroes 1 Program TSOH - Anzac Heroes 2 Program TSOH - Remembrance Day
Mob Code/Mob Council
Breaking the Cycle Mob Code - HOP Activity
Programming Resources
GWSR Games for Joey Scouts - Jan 2009 Ermington Games - 2017 Indigenous Traditional Games
Night Games Parachute Games Under the Sea Games
Water Games
Program Ideas - Scouting Skills
Team Building Activities 1 Team Building Activities 2 Team Challenges
Team Challenges - Group Night Program
Badge Locations
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